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My name is Lyri, and on this site, you will find many pieces of art based on the television shows Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Supernutural, Leverage and others, as well as pieces featuring various actors, actresses and singers.

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May 28th 2014

Hey, gang, back again with a quick update and a new layout. I love these images of Genevieve Padalecki so much, she's so beuatiful here, so I wanted to show them off. I didn't want to fiddle around with them too much, so I left the piece very simple, black and white with a little shot of color. Perfect. There's a matching wallpaper, if anyone wants to steal it ;)

If you've been paying attention like I know some of you have, you'll have seen that I've been updating the 'Recent Art' in the side bar every time I've added a new wallpaper, but those of you who haven't, there have been Nine new wallpapers added since my last update:

  • Two Misc piece featuring Danneel Ackles and Danneel and Jensen Ackles
  • One BtVS Episodic piece based on the episode 'Angel'
  • One BtVS character piece featuring Willow Rosenberg
  • One Crossover piece featuring Buffy Summers and Dean Winchester
  • One Supernatural cast pieces featuring Jensen Ackles
  • Two Supernatural character pieces featuring Dean Winchester
  • One Supernatural Couples and Groups piece featuring Abaddon and Crowley

    Thank you so much to everyone who visited, I couldn't do this without you!!

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