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My name is Lyri, and on this site, you will find many pieces of art based on the television shows Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Supernutural, Leverage and others, as well as pieces featuring various actors, actresses and singers.

All the art work on this site - as well as the items for download and use by other artists - are created by me, and must not be reposted anywhere without my consent.

That being said, thank you so much for visiting Para Bellum. Please leave a comment on the tagboard.

May 24thth 2015

Hey, y'all, just stopping by to give a quick update. I have a few new pieces that you can see on the left, mostly Christian Kane and his many incarnations. Love that man. I also have a new piece featuring the very lovely Oliver Queen. This piece is actually a bit special in that the original blend is actually by my host, Britt, and in recognition of that, I decided to add a new page, to give credit to the people I collaborate with, so that they can be recognized for thier contibution. You can find that page Here.

And in the face of adding the new pages that I've added recently, I've also decided to get rid of one. My 'Retouches and Colorizations' page is no more. I can't even remember the last time I even tried to do a retouch and I don't think I'd even remember how to colorize something. The page and the art was just taking up space that could probably be put to better use. I'm sorry if anyone liked that art, or found inspirational, but it is no more, I'm sure you understand.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who visited, I couldn't do this without you!!

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